Pillared Temple Hall, Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Pillared Temple Hall at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a visually stunning surprise. Entering through an intricately tiled doorway, one glimpses rows of carved pillars that exude an air of historic significance.

Built in 16th century AD in honor of the Hindu god, Vishnu, the pillars from Madanagopalasawamy in Madurai, India are the only pre-modern Temple Hall to exist outside of India.

The carved granite pillars lay as a pile of rubble in 1912. Adeline Pepper Gibson bought 60 of the granite carvings from the pile, and her family donated the pillars to the Philadelphia Museum of Art upon her death in 1919.

The pillars depict scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as a variety of divine and human figures.

The Pillared Temple Hall at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a must see. It made me feel like I stepped into a Hindu Temple. The hall is located at Gallery 324, Asian Art, Caplan Gallery on the 3rd floor.

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Big Mac with a Slice of Ancient Roman Road

Did you know that there is a McDonald’s restaurant in Italy with an ancient Roman Road? In the city of Marino, an antica strada romana is a part of a McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Roma Appia, Via Appia Nuova, km 19.750 00047 Frattocchie RM, Italy

Customers can either walk along transparent flooring and view the 147-foot long ancient road, or go underground to take a better look. The three skeletons found on the road is also on display, together with other parts of the excavated road.

Preserved ancient Roman road at the McDonald’s in Marino, Italy.

I would love to stop by and do both.

French Delicacies to Try in France

Trying a place’s cuisine is part of traveling. Don’t you agree?


When in France, here are three well known French delicacies to try.

Foie Gras

Rich, buttery, and delicate. This specialty food made of duck or goose liver is stated on French law as belonging to the protected cultural and gastronomical heritage of France.


The French usually cook these land snails with garlic butter, chicken stock or wine, and herbs.

If none of these two appeal to your palate, go for dessert.

Creme Brulee

It is a custard with a layer of hardened caramelized sugar. The earliest known recipe of which is from a cookbook by the chef of King Louis XIV’s brother, the Duke of Orleans.

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