Spain’s Menu del Dia

One of the best ways to eat like a local in Spain is to sit down at a restaurant between 2pm to 4pm for almuerza (lunch) and order the menu del dia or menu of the day. Lunch is the most important meal of the day in Spain. It is the time when locals partake of a good filling meal.

Paella Marisco served as part of the menu del dia at Restaurante La Luna in Salamanca.

The menu del dia is usually a meal of three courses, including drinks with a fixed price. There is a list of dishes to choose from for each course. It is the most economical way of enjoying Spanish food in Spain.๏ฟผ

L- Menu del dia board at Apalaxa Restaurant in Fisterra.

The concept of the menu del dia was introduced to Spain in 1965 to promote tourism. A law was enacted requiring the hospitality industry to abide by a specific list of rules regarding the range of food and drinks to be offered in restaurants. ๏ฟผ

Grilled fish served as part of the menu del dia at Restaurante La Luna in Salamanca.

The Spanish people loved the idea of an economical fixed-price menu. The concept spread throughout Spain, and has become a part of Spain’s meal time tradition, even though the law no longer applies today. ๏ฟผ

Arroz con leche served as part of the menu del dia at L’alsace in Madrid.

My husband and I found Spain’s menu del dia wallet friendly. We are definitely checking out more when we go back to Spain.

10 thoughts on “Spain’s Menu del Dia”

  1. The latest U.S. diet fad seems to emphasize a late breakfast, heavy lunch, light dinner and nothing for at least fourteen hours. I wonder if it will catch on. Lunch “specials” are now common on our menus, But it is such a huge diverse country, only breakfast seems somewhat uniform, and even that has changed from the days of Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charlie.”

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    1. The line โ€˜nothing changes except changeโ€™ comes to mind. But, if Steinbeck did his โ€œTravels with Charleyโ€ today, I think he would arrive to the same conclusion, โ€œAmerica, it seems, is in a sense directionless and therefore endangered as it moves into an uncertain future marked by huge population shifts, technological and industrial change, and unprecedented environmental destruction.โ€

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      1. Being older than dirt, I remember D.C. in 1968 which was a terrible year of assassinations and riots. It was also a time when one did not dare put a foot in the Potomac River and the Cayuga River caught fire [1969] because of the pollution. I am only bringing this up because I want you to know that “this too will pass” and therefore I am optimistic for the future.

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