Five Things to Do in Madrid

First time in Madrid? My favorite travel guide, Rick Steves, suggests spending at least 2 days in Spain’s capital.

I shared my and hubby’s 2-day itinerary in Madrid at Dee Travels. I am re-sharing here at Dee to the World.

What to do in Madrid in two days? Here’s what my husband and I did:

1. Got on the Hop On/Hop Off bus.

I found the Hop On/Hop Off a good introduction to the attractions in Madrid. My husband and I took a full loop of the Madrid Historico route the first time we boarded the bus. Each stop is described in various languages. Passengers get a disposable headphone to use while on board. It was an effective orientation to the part of Madrid we wanted to see.

2. Went on Masterpieces Hunting at the Prado.

Jardines del Museo del Prado

Museo del Prado displays more than 3,000 paintings. It has a large collection of masterpieces by master painters like Raphael, Titian, Rubens, El Greco, Goya, Velasquez, etc. The museum information guide has thumbnails of their best masterpieces and their locations. 

3. Checked out the Guernica at Reina Sofia.

Museo National Centro de Arte Reina Sofia displays modern art. The most popular work is a mural by Pablo Picasso, the Guernica which he painted as a response to the bombing of Guernica by the Nazi’s. No photography is allowed in most attractions in Madrid. The image of Guernica below is from Wikipedia.

4. Joined a Food Tour.

One of the things I get most excited about when traveling is trying the classic dishes of the places I am visiting. When time is limited, food tours help participants taste local food at local restaurants in mere hours. Something that my husband and I couldn’t do on our own considering the time constraint.

5. Visited the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral.

Madrid’s Royal Palace is a must see. It has 2,000 rooms! But only 20 are open to visitors. It gives a glimpse of the grandeur of Spain’s royalty on its heyday. Right next to the Royal Palace is Almudena Cathedral where the present King and his Queen got married.

I enjoyed the two days I spent in Madrid. My favorite is the food tour. It was not only about food. The walk in Madrid’s historic center was informative.

Top: Plaza Mayor L-R: Plaza de Isabel II, Plaza de la Villa

We learned some history and enjoyed Spanish food. Just the way I wanted.

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